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Czech Republic, Harrachov

Poland, Szklarska Poreba

Harrachov Facts

Interesting Facts  & Skiing Conditions

  • Highest point and place of ski slopes Szrenica 1020m
  • Number of Ski Lifts 3
  • Length of Piste 7.7km+
  • Average Snow Cover in 2018 (Upper Slopes) 92cm
  • Average Snow cover in 2018 (Bottom Slopes) 57cm
  • Coach Transfer times 25 mins

Just across the border from your hotel, in the beautiful Czech Republic, lies the resort of Harrachov. It is an amazing spot for skiiers of all levels, with gentle beginners slopes, an exhilarating black run and calm, forest paths filled with twittering birds and bright, fresh air.
Harrachov works particularly well for beginners, as it is small and neatly contained. And despite being set in one of the country’s oldest mountain towns, it’s still equipped with all mod cons. Much like Szklarska Poreba, it’s still a bit of a well-kept secret, so there are no queues and no crowds – just sun, snow and slopes.
It’s also a gem of a spot in the summer, too, with Devil’s Mountain offering endless hiking trails and stunning views from the top. You’ll spy pockets of villages in-between the trees, hear the crashing of waterfalls and be able to indulge in some great downhill mountain biking, with the two ski lifts that serve the resort offering plenty of room for equipment

Szklarska Poreba Facts

Interesting Facts  & Skiing Conditions

  • Highest point and place of ski slopes Szrenica 1362m
  • Number of Ski Lifts 7
  • Length of Piste 10km+
  • Average Snow Cover in 2018 (Upper Slopes) 96cm
  • Average Snow cover in 2018 (Bottom Slopes) 47cm
  • Coach Transfer times 5 mins

Szklarska Poreba is a picturesque mountain town located at the very western edge of Poland, just a stone’s throw from the Czech countryside. With beautiful, red-roofed houses and stunning scenery year-round, the resort takes everything that you think you might know about Poland and turns it on its head.
It’s all blue skies and clean air, green forests and raging waterfalls. There is beauty at every turn and around every corner, and the best thing of all is that it’s as yet untapped. Yes, we’ve located a great ski school and fantastic, five star accommodation, but this is very much a step away from the crazy ski industry located within the Alps. You’ll have room to roam and to improve your ski skills at a comfortable pace, and while Poland may seem like a long drive, we’re only 15 miles off the motorway, which means no long, winding and hair-raising mountain journeys


You’ll board our coach in the afternoon, ready for an overnight drive. The  Mountain Resort is a fair distance, but most of the journey is motorway so you can settle back and enjoy a smooth ride on one of our brand new Executive coaches.

You’ll arrive at the resort in time for a spot of lunch. Our team will give you a very warm welcome as they present a run-down of the week ahead, giving you a feel for the snow-bound adventures to come.


You’ll be able to check in to your accommodation after this, then we’ll give you a bit of time to relax, freshen up and settle into your luxury surroundings.

In the evening, we’ll take you to get all your ski gear fitted up, ready to hit the slopes the next morning.

Once you’ve sorted your kit out, we’ll head back to the restaurant for a hearty meal and if you’re not too tired from the journey, we’ll set up some evening entertainment.

The hotel will be laying on a breakfast buffet, ready for you from 8am. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to fill up, as you’re going to be burning through your energy as your fly down the mountains.

After breakfast, you’ll head out for you first ski lesson, which will run from 9.30 – 11.30

We’ll take a break for lunch, then head out for an afternoon back on the slopes.

Once you’ve come in from the cold, you’ll have a bit of time to relax before dinner, before getting involved in the evening’s activities. This will vary from day to day, but across your visit you’ll have a chance to go ice skating, visit the aquapark, head across the border to the Czech Republic to do some shopping, scream your way through the Alpine Rollercoaster, head to a disco and settle down for a film or too.

You’ll have breakfast as usual, as well as the full day’s skiing activity, but after your evening meal we’ll have to bid you a fond farewell as you board the coach back home.

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Set Departures

Szklarska Poreba

20th – 25th april 2020

5days trip


20th-25th april 2020

5 days trip

Szklarska Poreba

20th- 27th april

7days trip

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